Alu Clad Timber Windows

Aluminium Clad timber windows and doors – a highly durable, low-maintenance, versatile solution for domestic and commercial applications

With Aluminium Clad timber, the added layer of protection and finish allows windows and doors to withstand even the most severe conditions and easily adds another 10 years to its life expectancy.

Excellent insulation and minimal maintenance

Our Alu Clad timber window and door ranges are so energy efficient that they can deal with the harshest Scandinavian and Scottish weather conditions. The combination of superior craftsmanship, thermal performance and long-term durability make Alu Clad windows and doors ideal for modern new build or refurbishments with a focus on energy efficiency. With a solid timber frame and Alu Cladding externally, our windows deliver the beautiful look inside that only timber can.

A wide assortment of colours, glazing and opening functions allow you to customize them to meet your exact needs.

Opening Functions

Fixed Windows

Fixed window units can’t be opened. They are often used as sidelights or top-lights to doors and windows to generate additional light or adjacent to an opening sash to achieve a specific architectural design.

Fixed windows are available in both double & triple glazing.

Fully Reversible

The fully reversible opening function can reverse on concealed hinges to allow for cleaning from the inside. The hinges open to a maximum of 170 degrees.

The fully reversible opening function is available in double & triple glazing.

Side Guided

The side guided opening function has an opening position of up to 90 degrees on concealed friction hinges, which also allows for easy cleaning from the inside.  

The side guided opening function is available in double & triple glazing.


Side Hung

Side hung windows open out up to 90 degrees on visible butt hinges with friction brake.

This allows the sash to hold open in any position. This type of window can provide fire escape if necessary.

The side hung opening function is available in double & triple glazing.

Tilt and Turn

Tilt and turn windows give you the option of using the tilt function to allow ventilation into your room. You can also open the window inwards, providing easy cleaning from inside.

The Tilt and Turn opening function is available in double & triple Glazing.

Top Guided

Top guided windows open out on concealed friction hinges. The top section of the frame slides down and the bottom of the sash is pushed out giving highly effective ventilation.
The top guided opening function is available in double & triple glazing.

Design Options

Profile options

Classic or Softline (modern) profiles are available to suit your preferred interior finish.

Window handles
Our range of window handle choices. Available in white or satin anodized finish
Glass Options

Allan Brothers offer a wide range of glass options available to suit your needs.

Safety Glass

  • Toughened Glass can withstand 3.5 times more weight than ordinary glass. When the glass breaks it shatters into tiny pieces, which reduce the risk of injury.
  • Laminated Glass is made up of two sheets of glass held together by a clear film. The glass will break when it is overloaded, but the glass fragments remain safely held together by a plastic film. This is to reduce the risk of injury should this glass break.

Opaque/Obscure Glass – generally for privacy purposes.

Solar Control Glass – is used to reduce the effects of solar gain in south facing rooms.

Sound/Noise reduction glass – reduces sound transmission through the window.

Coloured Glass – is available in a variety of different forms.

Self-Cleaning Glass – is ideal for windows that are hard to reach and clean.

Obscure options

For reasons of either privacy or style our patterned glass provides a range of attractive options. From classic to contemporary we offer a textured glass to suit most requirements you may have.


Developed to achieve a minimum of heat loss our Alu-Clad casements are double-glazed with a spacer bar located between the two panes. A bar profile is then bonded to both sides of the window.

Bars are available in a 25 mm, 42 mm or 60 mm profiles

Trickle vents are a safe and easy way of achieving air ventilation in a room. Vents are available in three colours: white, aluminium, or white/aluminium.
Our standard colour and stain choices – many more available.