Working at Allan Brothers

At Allan Brothers we are proud of our company, our history and our sense of community
– and above all we enjoy what we do!

Some of our staff have worked here nearly all of their lives. Many have family members who work here, and with our apprentice scheme we are seeing a new generation of youngsters joining the team – keen to learn new skills in a thriving local business.

Here are just a few of the people that make up Allan Brothers

Michael – Machinist

Michael has been with us for 15 years, having joined as a mere strip of a lad after leaving school. Since then, he’s worked on many of the machines as well as driving the forklifts outside. 

He likes the variety of doing something different every day and the scope for extra training, so that things never get boring.  As he starts at 6am and finishes at 2.30pm, he gets the rest of the day to himself to do his own stuff – as a fitness and personal trainer!  

“What’s a good day? Yey Friday! The lads get on well and we meet up outside of work.  Most people have been here a long time. The bosses treat us well, so people tend to stay.”

Andy – Production Operative

Andy was encouraged to join Allan Brothers by a family member, who also worked at the company. As a skilled production operative working on different glazing machines, he enjoys seeing how the different manufacturing processes go into making finely crafted windows. 

Having previously been in the army and worked in different industries, he likes being part of a company that’s flexible, supportive and helps its staff better themselves.

“Allan Bros has been a bit of any eye opener for me. It’s totally different from what I’ve experienced elsewhere. I am generally allowed to control my own time and if I need to take time off or get to an appointment at short notice, they’re pretty relaxed about it.  I think it’s that fairness that spurs everyone on to do their best.

“I also like the competitive camaraderie and sense of fun. Some of us play football outside of work – which can be even more competitive!”

Rafal – Apprentice Maintenance Engineer

Rafal hasn’t looked back since starting as an apprentice. The company is currently giving him practical experience and will soon be supporting him through college to study the theory side of engineering.

Since joining us his feet haven’t touched the ground!  “It was great because the engineering manager threw me in at the deep end but was always there when I needed help. I like the fact that we tend to work as teams, where the older lads in their 50s share their experience with the rest of us.

“In the factory, every day is different and, as the company invests in more new machines, there’s always new things to learn. When I wake in the morning I’m happy to come in!”

Elwira – logistics

Logistics is complicated stuff, and it’s all skilfully held together by Elwira, who has been working in the office since February. 

Making sure there are enough pallets on the trailer, that supplies arrive at the factory on time, and liaising with customers about when their windows and doors are due to arrive are all things she takes calmly in her stride.

“As we’re honest with our suppliers and our customers, and keep them in the loop, we don’t have too many issues. In fact, our OTIF (On-Time In-Full) delivery is 98%, which I’m very proud of!

“I love the buzz of being in the office. I’ve worked at few places in my time, but this is the friendliest, and when it comes to working conditions and taking time off for school appointments and family matters, it’s certainly the most accommodating.”

Jack – Project Coordinator

Jack joined us as a Project Coordinator Apprentice, while doing business admin and IT at college. As he’s been quick to learn all about the office procedures, he now helps to train the newbies and other apprentices that come in. 

“My family said it was a good place to work.  Everyone helps everyone else and takes a pride in what they do. We concentrate on getting the details right rather than rushing and making mistakes.

“When I started. I learned about the pricing, but I now have my very own customers to look after – I’m a bit competitive so I try to make sure they get the best service!”

What does he like best about his job? “Processing orders – that gives me a real sense of achievement!”

Elaine  – Finance and Procurement

Elaine has been with us for 15 years. During that time, she’s done everything from credit control, purchase leger to procurement. She always has an easy going smile in her voice – even when chasing payment!

She thrives on the pressure of end of month accounts, deadlines, and seeing that the company has healthy growth figures.

“I’m in a great position to see just how far the company has come.  Things are looking good and that gives me a lot of satisfaction.

“My favourite things about the company? Aside from the fair wages and good health/dental benefits and pension, I’ve got to say it’s the people! We have a big ‘away day’ every year, treasure hunt, sponsored walk and Christmas party – the company definitely encourages the social side!”