Survey, Storage & Installation

As our windows and doors are works of genuine, bespoke craftsmanship, it is important that the measurements are accurate and that you treat them with the utmost care before fitting

Please store in a vertical position, undercover and well protected from the elements, so as not to exposure the timber to moisture and the potential risk of distortion before installation.

Although we don’t offer an installation service at Allan Brothers, our windows and doors are very easy to fit by any experienced joiner or professional installer. Download instruction for accurate surveying, measuring and installation of timber windows and doors.

Care & Maintenance

All our timber products are fully treated with protective coatings and preservatives and are designed to last at least 60 years or more

With regular care and maintenance, we are confident that you will get the very best service life out of your doors and windows. For this reason, we offer comprehensive advice and guidance on how to operate and look after your new doors and windows, so that you can enjoy them for many years to come.