Timber Sliding Sash Windows

Our bespoke sliding sash timber windows have a traditional character, charm and beauty, which blends well with old style properties and adds a classic elegance to modern homes

These finely crafted windows can be internally or externally beaded according to preference and can be further customised with a wide range of period details including stylish arched frames, decorative bars and various horns and hardware options. We offer a choice of two distinct opening systems to suit your home and lifestyle:


  • Cords and Weights – a very traditionally styled pulley mechanism often found in old houses, with the old-fashioned heavy- duty cords and weights within the box frame.
  • Spiral balance – an easy-to-use mechanism with pre-tensioned springs concealed within the timber frames, ideal for smaller reveals in more confined areas.
  • Traditional appearance
  • Modern manufacturing processes
  • Internally and externally glazed options

Opening Functions

Slide and Tilt

Safe and easy cleaning

As with Spiral Balance, Slide and Tilt Sash Windows operate via pre-tensioned springs, but with the additional function of tilting inwards, which helps to facilitate safe cleaning and maintenance.

With Slide and Tilt, classical style meets modern practicality to stunning effect.

Cords and Weights

Used extensively in Britain since the seventeenth century, sash windows can add charm to any building, old or new. Achieve a truly stunning classical effect with a window operated by cords & weights.

The sashes slide up and down using traditional pulleys with heavy duty cords and weights. Simplex fittings can be fitted to the bottom sash, allowing it to open on butterfly hinges to facilitate cleaning.

Spiral Balance

Ideal for smaller reveals

Combining period style with modern technology, spiral balance sash windows are a great alternative for smaller reveals.

The sashes slide by means of partially hidden pre-tensioned springs, with a smooth, easy-to-use mechanism that’s simply a joy to operate!

Design Options


Horn options A / B / C / D are available on internally beaded top sashes.
Horn option A is available on externally beaded top sashes. 

Hardware for VSS* – High Performance Range Gold

Available in Polished Chrome and Gold. Please note that for Slide and Tilt windows only Polished Chrome hardware is available.

*Upgrade to PAS24 hardware available. Hardware not depicted.

Glass Options

Allan Brothers offer a wide range of glass options available to suit your needs.

Safety Glass

  • Toughened Glass can withstand 3.5 times more weight than ordinary glass. When the glass breaks it shatters into tiny pieces, which reduce the risk of injury.
  • Laminated Glass is made up of two sheets of glass held together by a clear film. The glass will break when it is overloaded, but the glass fragments remain safely held together by a plastic film. This is to reduce the risk of injury should this glass break.

Opaque/Obscure Glass – generally for privacy purposes.

Solar Control Glass – is used to reduce the effects of solar gain in south facing rooms.

Sound/Noise reduction glass – reduces sound transmission through the window.

Coloured Glass – is available in a variety of different forms.

Self-Cleaning Glass – is ideal for windows that are hard to reach and clean.

Obscure options

For reasons of either privacy or style our patterned glass provides a range of attractive options. From classic to contemporary we offer a textured glass to suit most requirements you may have.

Developed to achieve a minimum of heat loss our Sliding Sash Windows are double-glazed and can be fitted with 25mm spacer bars.
TV90 Air Vent

Available in White, Brown, Satin Chrome, Polished Chrome and Brass.


Our standard colour and stain choices – many more available.