Timber Composite
Entrance Door (Scotdoor)

If you are looking for stunning timber entrance doors with added strength, durability and increased thermal performance, then our composite range is just for you!

Manufactured using state of the art CNC equipment, our composite doors are made from a timber frame and a single leaf, reinforced with layers of engineered timber, insulated with polystyrene rigid foam, and reinforced with aluminum to give excellent stability and energy efficiency.

With their enhanced strength and durability, these immensely practical doors will help give your home long lasting protection.  They meet both PAS24 and “Secured By Design” standards and are supported by comprehensive warranties.

Designed with all the beauty and craftsmanship of our solid timber doors, our composite range is made-to-measure with a wide range of styles, glazing options and colours to suit your home.


  • Broad and flexible core range, with bespoke possibilities
  • Low U values resulting in thermal performance benefits
  • PAS24 compliance as standard
  • Timber composite leaf, solid timber frame
  • Ironmongery style and layout options

Door Gallery

Click on images to view some examples of glass and door designs.
Many more designs available.

Design Options

Door Handles

Our range of door handle choices.

Door Knobs and Knockers
Our range of door knobs and knockers.

Letter plates
Our range of letter plates.

Pulls and Escutcheons
Our range of finger pulls and escutcheons.

Glass Options

The Allan Brothers composite entrance door offers a wide range of glass options and designs. 

Safety Glass

  • Toughened Glass can withstand 3.5 times more weight than ordinary glass. When the glass breaks it shatters into tiny pieces, which reduce the risk of injury.
  • Laminated Glass is made up of two sheets of glass held together by a clear film. The glass will break when it is overloaded, but the glass fragments remain safely held together by a plastic film. This is to reduce the risk of injury should this glass break.
  • Opaque/Obscure Glass – generally for privacy purposes.
  • Featured Glass – we offer a wide range of glass in different designs that exudes quality whilst retaining the classic look and feel. See the next section “Glass designs”.
Our standard colour and stain choices – many more available.