Timber Bi-Folding Doors

Our made to measure timber Bi-folding doors are a practical and attractive addition to any home!

With beautiful wood detailing both inside and out, they are available in several styles, finishes and configurations, which can be neatly folded back either inwardly or outwardly to save space, whilst offering a clear and flexible opening that will immediately expand your living area.

When closed, our bi-folds will help keep you safe and sound, with multiple locking points that meet the requirements of Secured by Design.
Expertly crafted from durable engineered timber and superbly insulated with energy efficient glazing, you can expect high performance as well as a wonderful look that will last for many years to come.


  • From 2 leafs to 7 leaf combinations
  • Open in and open out (SBD achievable on outward only)
  • Indoor/outdoor living

Design Options

Opening Functions
From 2 leaf to 7 leaf combinations available (below visualizations are indicative of opening functions).
Door Handles
Our range of door handle choices.
Glass Options

The Allan Brothers composite entrance door offers a wide range of glass options and designs. 

Safety Glass

  • Toughened Glass can withstand 3.5 times more weight than ordinary glass. When the glass breaks it shatters into tiny pieces, which reduce the risk of injury.
  • Laminated Glass is made up of two sheets of glass held together by a clear film. The glass will break when it is overloaded, but the glass fragments remain safely held together by a plastic film. This is to reduce the risk of injury should this glass break.
  • Opaque/Obscure Glass – generally for privacy purposes.
  • Featured Glass – we offer a wide range of glass in different designs that exudes quality whilst retaining the classic look and feel. See the next section “Glass designs”.
Obscure Options

For reasons of either privacy or style our patterned glass provides a range of attractive options. From classic to contemporary we offer a textured glass to suit most requirements you may have.

Our standard colour and stain choices – many more available.