Industry Report Highlights The Benefits of Timber Windows

Article Date: 28 June 2013

So what is it to be, Timber or PVC-u windows? A decision that many homeowners face when looking to update their home or start a self-build project. Weighing up the pros and cons is not always easy either but we hope this recent study by Dr Gillian Menzies, of the Institute for Building and Urban Design at Heriot Watt University will help.

The results provide direct comparisons for a range of timber window products manufactured to Wood Window Alliance (WWA) standards against PVC-u windows in mild, moderate and severe conditions.

We’ve also created an infographic to show the key findings of the report and what the data actually means.

We are really pleased that this report not only demonstrates the clear environmental benefit of choosing timber windows but also the financial benefit. How nice that you can make a decision that is good for the environment and good for the pocket!

In summary the report found that:

  • All timber-based window frames are more environmentally-friendly than PVC-U
  • Timber window products actually have a negative global warming potential (GWP) meaning that over their 60+ year service life they actually reduce the amount of C02e in the atmosphere
  • In all tests timber windows had a service life of at least twice that of PVC-u windows
  • All timber window frames offer better long-term value than PVC-u

The full report can be downloaded from the Wood Window Alliance website.

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Industry Report Highlights The Benefits of Timber Windows